Meet the Thain/Levinson Family

Meet the Thain/Levinson Family

 Greg, Mimi and JuliaThain

Greg and Mimi joined WSSC in 2008, after they finally figured out where all of their neighbors were disappearing to every Summer.  Their ten year old daughter Julia is a huge WSSC fan.  Julia learned to swim at the pool, and after some gentle encouragement from the guards, decided that swim team might be fun too.

Now the All-City swim meet is the highlight of her summer. She also loves being in the annual WSSC Water Ballet show, because “you can wear as much makeup as you want”. However, she is now starting to wonder about Jon’s stories about the alligators who live in the pool’s pump.

Mimi volunteers as one of the parent reps for the swim team, helping out our hard-working coaches with some of the details of running the swim team.

Greg volunteers as a USA Swimming-trained official at the swim meets, though he has certainly never DQ’d your swimmer.

In her spare time, Mimi enjoys cooking, and once spent a week training at the CIA (the other one). She works as a Pharmacist in the Drug Information center at Meriter Hospital, and Greg works at the UW – Madison’s Computer Sciences department, but he probably can’t fix your printer.

Greg, Mimi and Julia live in the Westmoreland neighborhood with their cat Scrappy and their dog Nemo, one of whom would very much like to go for a swim right now.